Bicycle Kick (2013), is a Bengali film. The film is directed by Debasish Sen Sharma, Sumit Das and produced by Success Creation Pvt. Ltd.. Music of the film has been composed by Joy Sarkar.


Bicycle Kick: Synopsis Rubayet, a 19-year old boy studying the first year of Bangla honours, stays at his cousin’s house in North Kolkata. Rubayet is unassumingly quiet, reticent, shy, lonesome and in a way scattered. His cousin brother fails to communicate with him, his sister-in-law seems somewhat hardened towards him. A jubilant life in the para in North Kolkata bubbles around Rubayet who remains distanced. Rubayet’s peers at Pranonath Sir’s coaching centre often poke fun at Rubayet. They try to take him into their parlance but strangely Rubayet remains detached and unaffected. One day, on his way back from coaching, a football flies onto Rubayet. With a start, he jerks back. A man keenly notices him from a field spread across the road where a bunch of guys were practicing football. The situation repeats itself a second day. The third day when a football is hurled at Rubayet he adeptly receives it in a reflex and recoils. This time, the man who used to observe him had intentionally thrown the ball at Rubayet. He is… well a photographer?.... may be. An eccentric?... uuuhh. A foody?...seeing is believing. A football coach?...that’s by profession. A magic man?... here our journey begins! Meet Moti Nandi. Moti da feels an urgency to reach out to this shy, inconfident guy, to find out why there is no stir in his life . He starts searching for another self of Rubayet, who remains numb.He learns that Rubayet’s house is in a small village in Bolpur. Moti da goes back to his past and gets to know that he used to be a star footballer. His father, who was a village school teacher, disapproved of Rubayet’s passion, used to worry about his insecurities. Bur Rubayet’ dreams, ambition, skill was concentrated in football. Human nature and circumstances are equally vulnerable....